Alex Abplanalp


It is hard to believe that it is 40 years ago since I completed a fabulous year at Miramonte as an exchange student from Switzerland. The experience to stay with wonderful people as well as the spirit of Miramonte has had a significant influence on my whole life. After my return to Europe I studied law mainly at the University of Berne. Subsequent to achieving my law degree I always wished to work in a truly international environment. I specialized in corporate law and started to work for a
multinational industrial company. While being involved in quite challenging transactions mainly related to the international sale of diesel engines for big ships, gas turbines for oil exploration, weaving machines for textile mills I had the opportunity to visit countries on all continents. Thereby I got an insight into different cultures and mentalities. Currently I am still working as a corporate lawyer and am enjoying business assignments to countries I have not yet yet visited.

I got married at a rather mature age. Together with Gabriela I have one daughter and two sons: Géraldine, 10; Jan, 8; Tim, 5. We live in a suburb of  Zurich, Switzerland where we enjoy the magnificent views of the nearby lake and the Swiss Alps. Unfortunately I cannot make it to the reunion. My dear friends across the sea, my thoughts will be with you on September 20.
Alex Abplanalp

Forchstrasse 212
8704 Herrliberg

Alex Abplanalp and Family