Bernadette Evans Vinson


            I worked and lived in the bay area until 1987 when I moved to Auburn, California and continued to raise my family through the early ‘90’s. I divorced in 1995 and have been living happily single ever since, enjoying a successful career in financial services.

            I made a huge life change in 2005, after having lived in California for 45 years, moving to Orcas Island in the San Juan’s, Washington, a Pacific Norwest location in the Puget Sound near Canada. I love living on the waterfront in this idyllic setting. I am semi-retired and enjoy hiking, kayaking and traveling. I have been busy remodeling and adding on to my “vintage” log home over the past three years. I spend a lot of time entertaining visitors, family and friends, in the summer months!

            My son, David, age 31, resides in Walnut Creek and my daughter, Christine, age 29, resides in Sacramento with my grandson, Demetrius, age 10. I make about three trips a year to California to visit my family and friends.

            I am looking forward to catching up with all of you at our 40th reunion!

            Bernadette Evans Vinson

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