Denise Bleuel Warnock

I spent more time cutting classes in my Senior year than attending. It is surprising I managed to graduate!

I attended Santa Rosa JC, Chico State, West Valley College, UC Berkeley and JFK University. In 1981 I received my Masters at Berkeley, and have had a rich career with many jobs in Social Work for almost 30 years. My favorite job, 15 years, was at Queen of the Valley Medical Center in Napa, where my husband Jim and I worked together over traumas and critical care for many of those years. After he divorced, I was working at Kaiser and we reconnected, fell in love and married 7 years ago.

I have 2 sons: Quoyah, 30, is an artist, gardener and kayak fisherman, and lives in Cloverdale where he is remodeling his home. Lucas, 22, attends UC Santa Barbara, studying Business and working in a restaurant.

I currently have a private practice, deliver Meals on Wheels, and am the Napa County Fall Prevention Coordinator. (To prevent falls prevents death, disability, hospitalization and long term care!)

Our lives are full with our 5 kids, (4 in college), 2 grandchildren, gardening, traveling, house remodeling (my passion) and pet care.

We love to entertain, and show off the Napa Valley. Call us for a visit! 707-226-9838.

Denise Bleuel Warnok
(left to right):  Molly Bleuel Mellor, Class of '69, Lucas Bleuel, Quoyah Tehee, Denise & Jim, Paul, Gordon and Bethany Warnock.