Greg Smith

40 years ago I set off to become and architect and ended up with a career managing construction projects.  

30 years ago I married Debbie and we bought our first home in the hills above Pasadena.

20 years ago, I fulfilled a dream that started in Home Design class at Miramonte by designing and building our home in Pleasanton.  I became a scoutmaster with my son Stewart.  Debbie and my daughter Kelly did everything with horses and we mixed all this together.

10 years ago the kids were getting ready for college and Debbie started Bay Area Equestrian Network – a website for horse owners and businesses.

5 years ago, I ran into David Cronin at a guitar workshop and Orinda crept back into my life.  This led to the last all Orinda reunion and Cal football games with Mark Hennigh, Tim and Bill Loughman.

This year I walked my daughter up the aisle and gave her to a fine rancher’s son.  Stewart owns a flooring business in Arcata.  Debbie is still into everything horses.  My thrill is a weekend each month behind the wheel of a little race car at Infineon, Laguna Seca or Thunderhill going faster.

There is still plenty left to write.  Let’s see what MHS-68 40th reunion brings.

Greg & Debbie in Carmel

Stewart and Kelly at Humboldt Bay marsh

Branding in Likely

Turn 11 at Thunderhill