Kay Lindley Merrell


After graduating from Stanford University in 1972, I stayed in Palo Alto and commuted to San Francisco where I worked as a financial planner for Wells Fargo Bank. I married a Stanford law student, and following his graduation we moved to Virginia, where my husband joined a large law firm in Richmond. After three years, John joined his father's law practice in McLean, Virginia, and we moved to northern Virginia.

I have spent most of my time rearing our six children (three boys and three girls) and doing the volunteering, chauffeuring, etc., etc., associated with being a full time soccer mom! We have added a son-in-law, two grandchildren, and most recently, a daughter-in-law to our family. (The three young men in the picture are our sons - the groom being an identical twin. The three bride's maids are my daughters, and the bride in the picture is the newly acquired daughter-in-law.)

Kay Lindley Merrell And Family