Kristine Kelley

Forty years in a few lines gave me acute writer's block
How much simpler it is being together to just talk
About our complex and full lives present, future, and past
About how our school friendships were lost, faded, or did last
About our friends and our families and what it has all meant
To have lived through the turmoil of the century recently spent
So I look forward to our reunion of 40 fast years
To hearing your stories and bending a few ears
Happiness I have finally found with husband number three
With Jim I've added even more to my large family tree
Along with three wonderful children of my own
I have had eight stepchildren who now are all grown
A year and a half ago the apple of my eye came along
My grandson Jake who can do absolutely no wrong
I have lived in many beautiful places and done many things
I feel life has been good to me and made my heart sing
I wish for everyone to have interesting lives and good health
For this indeed is true happiness and better than wealth