Krissy Kay Maita

Hello Everyone

Shirley DenDulk is here visiting me at Tahoe and is insisting I write a little here it goes.
I attended College of San Mateo for one year and then married (and no I was not pregnant) Ron Maita, Miramonte Class of 66.  We lived in Berekely for two years, Orinda for one year and then moved to Oregon.  I continued in school (never finished) and we now have 4 children, three boys and a girl.  Our kids live here and there and we have one grandaughter, Katy, who lives in Las Vegas with her Daddy (our oldest).  Our daughter is starting her second year at ASU.  Last year when we dropped her off at the Dorm (twenty minutes from home) we both cried all the way home!  We stayed in Oregon for ten years, Danville for ten years and have lived in Scottsdale, AZ for the past fourteen years.  We now spend our time between AZ and Tahoe.  I felt fortunate to have been able to stay home with our kids and the past 8 years I worked as a personal assistant to a woman executive.  Since most of my job involved shopping, buying all her clothing, gifts, etc. I had a great time. Shirley and I are still close friends and we also get together with Sue James and Karen Knapp....we try to go away together every year.  See you all in September!