Liz Hansen Coleman

I am so looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion – it should be a GREAT time!

After graduating from Chico State, I got married and started teaching in August of ’73. I married a psychology major who became a rice and walnut farmer (the farmer’s wife!). I spend my teaching career at Oroville High School in Oroville, where I started the girl’s interscholastic athletic program. I graduated a physical education major but spent most of my years teaching culinary arts and fashion (that’s an easy crossover, right?). We have lived in Gridley, CA since 1974 (never got back to the Bay Area as I would have expected). Our daughter went to St. Mary’s and has been married 1 _ years, living in Walnut Creek – she made it back down there. I just retired last summer and have been having a wonderful time – every day is a Saturday! My time is spent traveling, playing golf, working out, sewing, and working in the yard – all things I love to do, but never had enough time to do while working.

Liz (Hansen) Coleman

Liz Hansen