Paul McKinnon

I moved from Texas after ten years of running Human Resources at Dell. It was a great experience and I learned more than I ever expected. I had nearly decided to return to academics, and had actually accepted a teaching position at the University of Virginia, when an old acquaintance, Vikram Pandit, asked me to come and be the Head of Talent Management at Citigroup. Needless to say, this has been quite a transition.

We live on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, and so far, we enjoy it. This is so different from anything we have ever done before, and it is quite an adventure for both of us. Our four kids are all grown and out of the house (Three of them are married, and we have six grandkids!) so we felt free to try something that sounded out of the ordinary.

McKinnon Family

The newest grandchild is not shown here, since she was born just about a month ago. My kids, in this picture, are as follows. Patrick, in the foreground, is the one who looks like me. My three girls are Paige (on the upper right side, Megan, on the far left, and Meredith, who is next to me. And Jan, of course, is between me and Paige.