Peter Ehlers

Hello from Hamburg,

Gaby and I are excited to attend the 40. reunion of the class of 68. Some of you might remember the ICYE exchange student from Germany back then. I was part of the Hartley family in Orinda on van Tassel Lane. Life in Borinda was kind of boring, but school life and activities with you guys at Miramonte were exceptional. What a great school I had a chance to attend for one year and what a great bunch of people I came acquainted with!

The action back then was on the other side of the tunnel:
music wise Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, the Greatful Death, Country Joe, Jimmy Heaven, the student rallies on Berkeley campus, the Black Panthers + the burning of draft papers in Oakland, Flower Power , the hippies on Haight/ Ashbury, man, what a change in society that was. So many dreams, so many new perspectives, so much action and good vibrations!I loved it. Thanks to you I had the best year of my life.

Life has been very good to us. I fell in love with my wife Gaby in 1971, we got married in 1975 and have 2 boys, Malte 29 and Jacob 24.All of us live in the beautiful city of Hamburgin Germany. I still work as an interior designer , Gaby is manager for the french Longchamp company and does a lot of travelling in Europe.
We are still very much in love. First time the 2 of us went back to the states was back in 72. We hitchhiked from N.Y. to S.F, spent time with our friends Doug Brown + Bill Seifert, camped out in Big Sur + in Yosemite. In 1995 I rode my Harley with Malte from LA on route 66 to Chicago (remember Easy Rider) I tried to live my dreams.
It always was a dream of mine to come back to Miramonte + see you guys again. Thank you for inviting us to the reunion. We are excited and anxious to meet you.

Auf Wiedersehen….see you on Saturday.

Peter Ehlers