Shelley Smith Graham

This can’t be 40 years...I prefer to think of it as the second anniversary of our 20th!  What the heck have I done since I forged my last note to get out of Mrs. Rosso’s class?  Went to Cal with so many of our classmates, partied too much, studied very little, and married my college sweetheart.  I worked in broadcasting for several years before moving over to the law, where I’ve been working part time since 1984.  In my spare time I have a small business making wedding invitations – my creative side.  We love to travel, especially sailing, and still go to all Cal football and basketball games.

We’ve raised two daughters – our eldest and her husband are Oakland cops and our youngest is a teacher in Oakland.  So why are we living on the Peninsula?  Especially now that we have the most adorable grandson!  We plan to move to Alamo in the next couple of years...gotta get that grandchild time when we can.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion...

Shelley Graham