Shirley Den Dulk Wheatland

Yes, I still  live in Orinda - actually, we moved back in 1986, and into our current house on the DAY of our 20-year reunion.  But I did spend some time in other locations before that - UCSC, graduated with a teaching credential in 1973, moved to Davis for 3 years while hubby Gregg went to law school, with a 6-month stint in Anchorage, Alaska, then lived in Sacramento for 10 years.  During that time I worked for Social Security and substitute taught until our daughter Tara was born in 1981.  When we moved to Orinda, I taught kindergarten for a couple of years, then went back to school and earned my BS in Communication Disorders at San Francisco State.  Since then I've been working as a Speech and Language Pathologist, for the past 7 years at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center - Herrick campus, on an inpatient rehabilitation unit.  I specialize in brain injury, having had some personal experience in that area (hasn't anyone who lived through the 60's?)  My husband Gregg (an attorney specializing in energy law) spent 12 years on the Orinda City Council, including 2 years as Mayor (during which time I referred to myself as the "Worst Lady of Orinda").  Our daughter Tara went to Glorietta School (where she was in Miss Ransford's class in third grade, just as I had been at Sleepy Hollow); to OIS (you may remember it as IVI) and of course Miramonte where she graduated in 1999.  She's now an attorney, doing legal research in copyright law for a professor at Boalt (she graduated from there in 2006). 

I'm not sure why I got the job of managing funds for the reunion since I never balance my own checkbook but don't worry, I don't even want to go to Jamaica. . .although I DO like Maui. . .

Looking forward to seeing you at the reunion!  Be there or be square!