Sue (Shepard) and Ron Klemmedson


You realize just how long 40 years is when you start trying to summarize what you've done during that time! Ron and I left MHS and went off to college (he to Cal Poly, I to Carleton in Minnesota).  We both graduated, got married (to other people), raised families, and were each married for 23 years before divorcing.  Ron stayed in Orinda/Walnut Creek, working with his father in their architechture business in Orinda since 1974.  I lived in Chicago, Minnesota, and Oregon, staying home with my kids, doing lots of volunteer activities, then working as an office manager in veterinary clinics.  Ron has two daughters, Betsy (27) a student at St. Mary's, and Linne (24), just completing Cosmetology school.  Both live in the East Bay.  I have two children; Ethan, 32, lives in Oregon, and Erin, 29, is married and lives in Minnesota.  Erin has two boys, Tristan, 6, and Logan, 3, who delight their grandmother to no end.

In 2004, Ron and I both found ourselves single.  Through the miracle of the internet, we reconnected, and were married in Oct. 2004.  We lived in Orinda until last spring, when we moved to Green Valley (Fairfield) to be closer to his parents.

We look forward to seeing everyone and comparing notes about this fascinating ride we've all been on.    Sue (Shepard) and Ron Klemmedson


Ron Klemmedsen and family
Us with Ron's parents and daughters Sue_K_Son_and_grandkids
Sue's son and daughter and grandsons