Miramonte Football Game 1967

The Past

Orinda Way 1920sMoraga Barn 1920s

Orinda Village 1920s

Orinda Way 1920s

Orinda School 1925

Lake Cascade 1926

Orinda Country Club 1926

Sleepy Hollow 1942

The Crossroads & Pine Grove 1947

The Crossroads / Hwy 24 1951

Miramonte News Banners 1960s

Miramonte Campus 1960s

Pine Grove Staff 1964

Ready for Aptos! 1968

Fred Sigworth's (Class of '69) film focused on a "Day In The Life" at MHS, 1968. You will see familiar faces and have your long term memory jogged. Fred put in some long hours recently in a successful effort to make his work available in time for our event. Thanks Fred!
YouTube - Impressions 68 part 1
YouTube - Impressions 68 part 2
YouTube - Impressions 68 part 3



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